Halkidiki Irenes

Daily Cruises

An unusual day tour along the monk’s republic Athos within the scope of a restful ship trip. The monk’s republic on the third and eastern peninsula of the Halkidiki lying, is a self-administering part of the Greek-orthodox church and his monuments from the Byzantine time take pleasure of worldwide fame. Since foundation (between 7. And 9. Cent.) the admission is prohibited women. Men can enter only on catching up an approval the mountain Athos. Twenty cloisters existing today accommodate precious objects of incalculable historical value and are infallible witnesses of the Byzantine empire. From the hotel the journey starts by the bus to Ormos Panagias, a small fishing place on the north-east coast of the Sithonia. Here we go aboard and reach in a restful boat trip the southeast point of the mountain Athos. The ship turns here and goes along the coast with breathtaking look at the monasteries. During this distance you receive from our tourist guide interesting informations about every monastery and the monastic life. On the border to the monk’s republic in Ouranoupolis the ship puts in to a 2-hour stop where you have the opportunity, to take your lunch in one of the numerous taverns and to enjoy an Uozo. After ending of the lunch the ship brings you again to Ormos Panagias where our buses will wait around to bring you back into your hotel. The ship disposes of a bar with various drinks and sandwiches.

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