Halkidiki Irenes

Our Beaches

Only 1.5 km from Sarti is Achlada, a small natural harbor where its fishing boats and bay windows hide three private beaches with fine sand and blue waters, quietly and isolated from the summer heat of Sithonia during the day.

A bit further, Linaraki is a picturesque bay known for its lovely fish taverns and is one of the best options for a summer lunch by the sea, enjoying the tranquil views and magnificent sunsets.

Within 6 km of Sarti, you will find Kavourotryphes, consisting of dozens of small isolated coves from the pine forest, one of Sithonia’s “secrets”, and a favorite place for those who love the bohemian motif. On its outskirts, there is also the famous “Orange”, an organized beach with a modern beach bar and a lively crowd of beaches.

Zografou beach, the beach of Baia, the cosmopolitan and elegant Ella beach, the beach of Goa and the beach bar with its famous parties throughout the night, the sunsets in Ethniki, Tristinika and the virgin Karyitsi, the imposing Porto Koufo, dozens of camping sites , with their own unique beach and many other beautiful places make up the different setting of Sithonia, ranging from sections of minimal human intervention to well-organized tourist spots awaiting you to discover.

For the bold and for those who want more than the simplicity of the sun lounger, Sarti offers many choices, starting from the perfectly organized Watersports Center, where you can bounce to Banana, water skiing, canoeing and much more. Those who decide to take some diving lessons in the crystal clear waters of Sarti will experience an unforgettable experience. The diving center of Sarti provides all the necessary equipment and has experienced teachers who will guide you to the basics, leaving the rest in the underwater splendor.

The southern coastline of Sithonia is something to be explored and you can do it by making the Goa Kayak Tour, which starts from the beach of Saras to reach Goa Beach with its famous beach bar and famous bat cave.

For those who know, the mountains of Sithonia compete with the beauty of its beaches. The green pine forest, olive groves and vast vineyards, a sui generis – artistic-geomorphology formed by numerous coves filled with water during the winter, a sea that meets the sky on the blue horizon, all look particularly charming by watching over a horse or a soft mule, while local guides, knowledgeable about nature’s ways and secret paradises, share stories, legends and the history of the place. An organized excursion for the whole family that you will not regret.



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