Halkidiki Irenes

Our Beaches

Just 1,5km away from Sarti lies Ahlada, a small natural harbor where fishing boats moor and its coves hide three private beaches with fine sand and blue waters, quiet and secluded from Sithonia’s summer hustle during the day.

A little bit further, Linaraki is a picturesque bay renowned for its splendid fish taverns and it is one of your best choices for a late summer lunch by the sea, enjoying the serene view and wonderful sunsets.

In a 6km distance from Sarti, you will find Kavourotrypes (crab-holes), consisted of tens of little secluded coves by the pine forest, one of Sithonia’s “secrets”, a bohemian’s favorite and of exquisite natural beauty. In its perimeter, there is also the famous “Portokali”, an organized beach with a modern beach bar and a vivid crowd of beach people.

Zografou Beach, Bahia beach, the cosmopolitan and elegant Elea, Goa beach and its beach bar with the notorious all night parties, the sunsets at “Ethnik”, Tristinika and the virgin Kriaritsi, the imposing Porto Koufo, tens of camping sites, each one with their own unique beach and many more beautiful places consist Sithonia’s diverse scenery, varying from parts of minimum human intervention to well organized touristic spots that await for you to discover them.

For the bold and those who want more than their sunbed’s indolence, Sarti provides more than enough choices, starting with its perfectly organized Watersports Center, where you can bounce around riding the “Banana”, water ski, canoe and many many more.

Those who will decide to take on some diving lessons in Sarti’s crystal clear waters will gain an experience that will stay with them for long. Sarti’s diving center provides you with all the necessary equipment and has experienced tutors that will guide you through the basics, leaving the rest to the underwater splendor.

Inaccessible by road, with pinewoods reaching the seaside, wonderful rock formations and turquoise waters, Sithonia’s southern coastline is something worth exploring and you can do so by taking the Goa Kayak Tour, which starts from Sarti Beach to reach Goa Beach with it renowned beach bar and the famous bat cave.

For those who know, Sithonia’s mountains compete the beauty of its seaside. Its green pine woods, olive groves and vast vineyards, a sui generis -rather artistic- geomorphology formed by numerous creeks that fill with water during winter time, sea meeting the sky in the blue horizon, all look especially charming viewed on top of a horse or a gentle mule, while the local guides, connoisseurs of nature’s ways and secret paradises, share stories, legends and the place’s history. An organized excursion for the whole family that you won’t regret having.

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